Become A distributor

Become A distributor

Qatar Lubricants Company has the only Lubricants blending plant in Qatar. We are manufacturing and selling our lubricants by the brand name of QALCO, in Qatar as well as many countries around the world, through our dedicated network of distributors. We are an ISO 9001-2000 certified company.

As a part of our global expansion strategy, for marketing and selling high quality Automotive, Industrial and Speciality lubricants, we are looking for financially sound and experienced distributors, to be appointed on exclusive basis, for countries in African and Asian continents. The party must be based in the same country in which it intend to take the distributorship. Interested parties are requested to send back to us this filled form with complete details. Party not providing full details will not be entertained. After evaluation we will contact the party and will assist in developing the new market.

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