Blending Plant

QALCO owns five blending kettles installed inside the main building with a total capacity of 60 cubic meters.  All are fitted with mechanical agitators and internal heating coil.  Hot oil is used as the medium for heating the tanks, with Thermax equipment installed.

Blending is done by Automated Batch Blending (ABB), with Allen Bradley computerized equipment.  This is controlled from one main system, programmed with all formulations and connected to bulk raw material supplies and blending tanks.  The plant can be mechanically operated through pre-set flow meters if required.

All QALCO products are blended to SAE, API and ISO standards, and ASTM laboratory tested.  Stringent quality control and quality assurance procedures are in place for all the blending processes.

Grease Plant

Along with the lubricants blending plant, QALCO also owns grease manufacturing facility situated within its Mesaieed blending plant. It has a designed single shift capacity of 3,000MT per year. The 100% computer operated manufacturing equipment is imported from UK

This facility produces all types of automotive, industrial and specialty grease that meet and exceed all NLGI and ASTM set standards.

The manufacturing is carried out with carefully controlled procedures and high accuracy. This plant is equipped with a state of the art testing laboratory capable of performing all major tests including grease penetration, dropping point, oil separation and base number.

With its experienced staff in the R&D department, QALCO is continually developing customized greases for its local and international customers while at the same time offering all conventional multipurpose, extreme pressure, HT and complex greases.

Plastic packaging facility

QALCO plant is equipped with a in house plastic packaging facility.

Blow Molding Machine: Two units of blow molding machines are operating for the production of 1/3/4 & 5 liter packaging. These machines have a capacity of producing 5000 packs per day.

Injection Molding Machine: One unit is dedicated for manufacturing plastic container caps. This machine works under the injection molding system.

This In-house packaging facility ensures QALCO about the quality of its packaging and decreases the dependence on third party suppliers.


A state-of-the-art laboratory complements the plant with the latest equipment, including atomic absorption spectrometer. Qualified and experienced chemists check all lubricant output daily and external analysis work is also undertaken. Submissions have been made to the Department of Consumer Affairs (Ministry of Finance, Economy & Commerce) which should lead to accreditation.