Automotive Oils

From base oil to additive selection and blending, QALCO has a complete range of optimum, mineral and synthetic, Gasoline, CNG and Diesel engine oils to meet the machining needs. These high-performance automotive oils results in the highest levels of lubrication and engine protection against corrosion- offering better protection at startup, better cleansing qualities, enhanced durability and better protection against heat buildup.

Choose the right product and give your engine the productivity and performance it deserves.

Transmission Oils

Gearboxes and axles use distinct materials and operate under different conditions and choosing one kind of oil for both applications may compromise protection and efficiency. QALCO’s versatile range of transmission oils are manufactured and operated in an incredibly demanding environment that combines severe shock loads and a wide range of thermal environments. QALCO’s transmission oils are formulated to help deliver the required oxidation resistance, shear stability, corrosion protection for heavy-duty axles and performance characteristics needed to best provide protection, power and efficiency for each application.

Specialty Oils

QALCO caters to all the requirements of maintenance and specialty oils comprising of a wide range of products that includes mineral seal oil, air filter oil, calibration fluid as well as transformer oil. However, correct filling procedures must be followed to get the best results.

Marine Oils

It is significant that you try to limit the environmental impact of your on-deck lubricants and our engineers are constantly working on ways to help you meet your goals. Our comprehensive range of products for marine oils help reduce the environmental impact and protect both vessels and seas.

Industrial Oils

The QALCO Industrial Oil range is specially formulated to meet the industrial machinery requirements. Our engineers have in-depth understanding of manufacturing lubricants and varying stages of product development. By using expertise in industrial lubricants, we make sure that the manufacturing operations and processes run smoothly. Our product range is formulated to help extend equipment life and protect against future damage.

Hydraulic Oils

From conventional mineral oils to synthetic and speciality oils, our hydraulic fluids cover a wide range of operating schemes and hence can help optimize your system’s efficiency as well as cost of operation. To help your equipment perform to its design values, the hydraulic fluid needs to protect, lubricate and help conduct power in the best operative way. QALCO’s Hydraulic fluids are designed to help uphold, and even improve , the efficiency of hydraulic systems which can help extend pump life even under the most severe conditions.


Where using oil is not possible, the critical parts of an equipment are protected with grease- providing an outstanding protective shield. QALCO’s greases range from multi-purpose, extreme pressure, moly, high performance, high temperature and lithium complex.

Choosing the right grease will give a longer operation life to your equipment car and will ultimately protect bearing components to heavy and shock loadings.

Gear Oils

Selecting the correct gear lubricant and its associated viscosity is imperative for the long-term efficient operation of your equipment. QALCO’s range of industrial gear oils meet the demanding needs of this application. Our classic gear oils includes premium gear oils, super extreme pressure gear oils and hypoid gear oils. Getting the right gear oil for your car equipment will deliver maximum value to your operation through enhanced wear protection, providing long-life performance and high system efficiency.

Brake Oils

Brakes are crucial for vehicle of any kind as stopping without them is close to impossible. Choosing the right brake fluid for your vehicle and changing it on time is critical to safety. QALCO’s brake oil range includes products for high performance cars driving under demanding conditions and products with enhanced safety margin including DOT 3, DOT 4 and DOT 5.1

Car Care Products

We all know how important quality maintenance is in getting the most out of our vehicle. As our engines begin to age they require additional care and protection.

Some indicators of engine wear and tear are:

•  Reduced power & engine performance

•  Increased oil consumption

•  Deposits can build up on fuel injectors , valves or piston rings, so they do not operate smooth

•  Decrease in mileage and minor leak

By taking a positive approach toward your engine’s maintenance, you can help inhibit its aging process and extend the life and efficiency of your vehicle. A properly maintained fuel system is one of the keys to keeping your vehicle performing like it should. For this very reason, QALCO introduces variety of products (made in Germany & Holland) that provides utmost care for your vehicles.